About Me

Update: this site will be archived, please check out to my new site 👉 here

My name is Siwei Gu and you could call me Wey.

Before 2021 April, I worked for Ericsson Cloud Product Design Unit, in daytime, I was a downstream developer working on Telco. Grade Cloud Infra, and at night, I played with tech things and learn things interesting.

Singing and listening to different styles of music depending on moods will always make me happy as well ☺.

I am a Mac user for a decade and had also started using Ubuntu Desktop as a working machine since Sept. 2017.

I had been a fan of Leehom Wang, Google & Smartisian for years. And recently I believed in Open Source Community and our Nebula Graph(NG)!

更新:本站将会归档、只读,请移步我的新网站 👉 siwei.io/about

我的名字是思为,您也可以叫我 Wey (在那个汽车厂商启用这个商标之前,这个名字就是我工作中的英文名/网名)。

从 2021 年 4 月开始,我开始为 Vesoft Inc. 工作,作为 Nebula Graph(NG) 的社区布道者。

2011 年 7 月到 2021 年 4 月之前,我白天在 Ericsson 云计算部门开发基于 OpenStack 的通信级 IaaS产品,晚上捣鼓有意思的东西。


我是十年以上的macOS( Mac OS X) 用户,从2017年开始,我的主力机包含一台Ubuntu Desktop。

我在好长时间里都比较关注和认同音乐人王力宏,谷歌还有锤科,从最近开始,我信仰开源与开源社区,我热爱我们的 NG!