About Me

My name is Siwei Gu and you could call me Wey.

I am a Software Engineer now in Shanghai, China

As a full-time developer, besides coding pieces of codes in daytime around IaaS Cloud Product , in my free time, I am self-learning to to be prepared for being a contributor to open source projects and to create my own ones( full-time, as my dream ).

I use to be a Telco. Engineer, coding for fun

Before joining my current team in R&D unit for Cloud, when being titled as a Cloud Integration Engineer, I was the guy enjoys coding for fun, which enabled my teammates happier life by creating tools with python the ugly way ( I felt shamed on this 😛).

Why I became a developer…

After 7+ years being as the Telco. Cloud Engineer, when it’s my first time creating a proof of concept project( one man/ full-stack: repo link ), I found my passion lies in building things instead: from idea inception to creating the final product. In that 3 weeks, I studied/ managed to design web pages, put frontend parts together, then created database models in short time and of course coded backend parts.

Suddenly, in an afternoon, I had never felt happier than before for a long long time 🌞.

To create & build something, is my passion and care.

I majored in Math from the Dalian University of Technology, China.

Singing and listening to different styles of music depending on moods will always make me happy as well ☺.

I am a Mac user for a decade and had also started using Ubuntu Desktop as a working machine since Sept. 2017.

I had been a fan of Leehom Wang, Google & Smartisian for years.

Check Wey’s Résumé out if you are intrested, I am open on opportunities to work on great things.

我的名字是 Wey.



曾是通信(云计算)工程师 、野生程序员

2007年九月到2018年七月,我一直在大连度过从本科四年一直到我的第一份工作:爱立信核心网、云计算集成工程师。 这期间,一直是一个野生撸代码为乐的人。我写了一些小工具帮助团队里的同学们更快乐的做一些日常工作,虽然那些刚开始写的代码比较丑,但这是我最初写代码的契机,帮助我打开 coding 世界的入口。


在我作为通信工程师工作了7年之后,我有机会在工作时间(而非业余时间)第一次全栈开发了一个作为 PoC 的产品( repo link )。 从原型、设计、全栈的 coding 、甚至推广视频的制作过程中, 我在短短的三、四周里得到了很长时间以来从未有过的满足、成就感,还有激情。





我是十年以上的macOS( Mac OS X) 用户, 从2017年开始, 我的主力机包含一台Ubuntu Desktop。


这里是: 我的简历 ,我对工作机会持开放态度。